Set label text to the contents of a cell in a spreadsheet

I'm attempting to create an app for a small game me and my friends play, and it requires keeping track of how many of a specific thing we have, but they're used and exchanged a lot, plus we get one extra every day, so I've taken to making this app instead of the original method where we just sent a text in a discord group chat because that was a huge hassle. I've tried a few ways to have data transfer between the apps, but I think the idea I've had of setting a google spreadsheet up and using that is the best one.

I have the spreadsheet and everything set up, but I've run into a roadblock. I don't know how to set the in-app label to the proper value, the number in a cell in my spreadsheet.
I can't hard-code the number and modify it from that as I need to account for my friends updating it too (they're getting a copy of it when I finish making this) from their phones, but I dont know how to read the value of the cell and use it for the calculation to add or subtract the number.
There's no block for the read function that fits in a "set label1 text to" block, nor can I set a variable to the cell's value and do it indirectly.
Help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

Are you using the Spreadsheet component?


This ?


Managed to forget to reply - yeah, mostly that's how I'm doing it. I cant have it read from the label though, or any changes that are made on a different client will be overwritten

Don't understand. The block above will set the designated cell with the label value, which is what you have asked for.

The corresponding readCell block will get the value from the designated cell.

Are your friends increasing and decreasing the same cell on the spreadsheet?

If so, they can end up stepping on each other's work.

The way to work around this is to add an extra sheet, to get two sheets:

  • a summary sheet with the total for each item being tracked, and
  • a detail sheet with one row for each increment(+1) and decrement (-1) to that item's total.

Using this system, each person only adds rows to the detail sheet independently, and do not update the summary sheet, avoiding conflicts.

Study the Google Sheet's @IFSUM functions to see how to do this.

Sample detail and summary project: