Set Image To Google Sheet Cell from AI2

This is now possible with new functions from Google


Set Image To Google Sheet Cell from AI2


I think Google should give you a job in their company :joy: :grin: :+1:


can i ask something about ur block code?

where i get the "fileId" and "sheetId"

These are the IDs for the spreadsheet file and the image file stored on Google Drive.

To get the IDs, find these files on Google Drive, then copy the link:

Paste the link into a text editor (or a text block) and select the ID from the url

for an image file

for a google sheet

thanks, i tried it but this is the result

this is my block code

the app script code is the same from your code in METRIC RAT AI2 - Set Image To Google Sheet Cell

Your request to the script is returning a google sign in url.

Have you correctly setup your google apps script and deployed it correctly ?

Create Bound Script

Deploy Script

Creations new versions of script

i see, my mistake is i forget to set the access for everyone, thanks for the help sir

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