Sendmessagesdirect and sendmessage issues

I'm using the text messaging solution posted by (note Youtube video blocks are different than website pix) and I'm running into the following problems:

If I use sendmessagesdirect, the text messages ARE sent, but I have no record of them in my google messages app (Pixel 6, A12)

If I use sendmessage the text messages never get sent, never get populated in my google messages app.

Does anyone have a solution to either?
The app I'm building doesn't have a wide audience so I don't care about google play compatibility.

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This is correct. The messages app doesn't send the message.

If I remember correctly, there is a bug here. The default messaging app should be called by the sendmessage block, but it isn't....

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So, is there a way to force calling the messages app to handle the send function?

Also, I believe there is an issue with sending direct with RCS turned on.

I have the exact same issue. Using sendmessagedirect seems to work for me.

Interestingly enough if I use the companion vs compiling an APK, the messages DO show up if I use sendmessagesdirect call. I just realized this fact this morning. Has anyone else recognized this?

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Ah well, maybe it does....

Confirmed that is the case with A/B testing this morning. Not sure if it's a bug that should be reported or something to do the differences in u companion vs APK ready for Google Play