Sending images and text at the same time not working properly

I computer my block so that it could send a message and image at the same time . Unfortunately, it didn’t work properly ; instead of sending the picture and text , it sent the name of the picture and text

This is the block

and this was the result . I will really appreciate a suggestion on how to solve the problem

*computed .

thsi is what you programmed...
also the texting component is not able to send an image.. this is no MMS component...
to send an image you might want to use the Sharing component and its ShareFileWithMessage method...

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

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try to edit your thread next time...

Pls what is a mms component ??

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the texting component is only able to send text...


Are there any mms component in mit app inventor that could possibly be able to send the picture

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it seems to be, you have overseen this part of my previous answer

to send an image you might want to use the Sharing component and its ShareFileWithMessage method...


Do you have any extension I can use to send images with the texting component ??

unfortunately not
MMS is an expensive service and therefore not very much recommended anyway...
btw. you always can do a search in the extensions directory yourself here


Is this what you intend to do

. The 'images' you see in Whatsapp are emoticon fonts, not png or jpg images.

The images sent from the Texting component (and received by the device Messaging app are type fonts, not jpg or png images. What 'image' displays in the Text Message sent and received depends on the operating system and font capabilities of the device. MMS not required, this works with App Inventor's SMS Texting component.


Perhaps this tutorial will help and allow you to do what you hope to do?

Does it?

Yes exactly this

I don’t plan on using emoji but images such as jpg or png but instead it brings out the name of the pic ( which is in the pic above )

OK. Keep trying. What you want to do with the Texting component is impossible. The MIT Texting component can only accept Text. It cannot use png or jpg images.

Please re-read Taifun's comments/advice.

If you feel a strong need to work with Text and images, consider using the MIT CloudDB to create your 'messaging' app. No Texting component required. You can create a Whatsapp 'type of app' using the database provide all the users use the apk you create.