🟦 Send Email using Google Apps Script


Use google apps script and your google/gmail account to send email messages, email with attachments, and check your email quota


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added in the list of Different eMail solutions for App Inventor

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Very nice example of what can be achieved with Google App Scripts. :sunglasses:

Dear @TIMAI2 ,

  1. Thanks for tutorial.
  2. I must be doing something wrong as it does not work for me, but my main point is that you propose to have it run in developer's context which IMHO uses developer's not user's resources and sends mail from developer not user - is my understanding correct ?
  3. You state what running it in other context will not work ... so I can't use it in app to send mail in user-defined context ?
    regards, Kuba

To use the script in the "user context" as you put it, the user would need to authenticate the web app to run under their account. A webviewer is required to do this. The web app would also need to be set to run as executing user.


  1. running app as user on android device does not provide access to his/her gmail (no such permission)
  2. proposed solution will send mail as developer (from developer's account)

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That is not what has been said at all. The App User's email can be used. The App needs to provide the facilities for the User to authenticate their access.

If I can find the time, I will have a look at a solution for this.

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yes and yes

as a simple solution to send an email from the account of the user use the activity starter solution, see also App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Send Mail | Pura Vida Apps


Thanks Dear @Taifun

Thanks Dear @Taifun.