Send data to google sheets with empty columns

I need to send data to google sheet, A date from datepicker some data to certain cells in row and some need to be blank.

Eg. if I have the following columns A,B,C,D,E and F I want only to send to B (Date),C and E. I have got the following blocks, but not sure if they are correct.

Will there already be data in the other columns?

Do you want to add a new row each time?

If i add Say Data in C,D then I want to use a formula to give reponse in E, but some Columns will be empty, I am going to use two diffrent screen to add diffrent info, but it will alwys be a new row

The AI2 Spreadsheet component has an Addrow block that accepts a list of values.

Just use an empty text or zero for the intermediate cell(s). It won't lose any data, since you are adding a new row.

Like this

If you are not using the Spreadsheet component, how are you adding the data to your google sheet ?

To get you started: