Send data to an application

Hello everyone.. I have a question, is there a way to connect two applications, one that sends data and the other that delivers data..

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One way would be to give them both access to a common online database, like

  • Google Sheet
  • Firebase
  • CloudDB

You would have to set up your own database for that.

I haven't tried the SMS component. Maybe you could send chess moves back and forth with it.

Another approach I haven't tried yet would be to use the Activity Starter.


How does CloudDB work or in another format How do two applications connect to this tool, the first enters the mail and the other receives the registration information

You might have a look at the example chat application using cloudDB, youc could then use the underlying principles to achieve what you want ?

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Here is an example that uses a single CloudDB app to do both send and receive data in one app. How to: use the CloudDB as a News Feed to inform members of your group

The tutorial shows how to password protect the ability to send data. :astonished:

You might find it useful. This example could be compiled as two separate apps if you really need that.

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