Select, Copy, Paste component and Screen in Designer

From version nb184 (July 30,2020), we can copy components and screens in the Designer.

- Select, Copy and Paste one o more components.

- Select multiple components and change a Property.

- Select and Copy one o more components and Paste it as text in a text editor, message, ...

- Select Screen Copy and Paste it as text in a text editor, message, ...

- Select and Copy Screen1, create Screen2, paste Screen1 in Screen2.

- Copy multiple files using drag and drop.


This is a wonderfull addition to AI !!
Thanks for making this,

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You could enable copying and pasting in the text fields of labels and pick lists. Now all long texts have to be entered manually.

You can use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V for that.


[This is the most recent and most relevant post on this topic so I'm posting here.]

There is an important part of this that no-one here mentioned. After you copy your component(s) and want to paste it into another app or part of the same app, you must select a relevant component to paste it into, like a screen or an arrangement. If you attempt to paste into a button or an image, you will corrupt your app.

Also, don't paste objects into Table Arrangements, same problem as above.