Searching in Blocks that works as in every other tool?

Any feedback on this extension that seems to promise a solution for the very limited
search function in Blocks:

As someone with decades of programming, searching for text in the Blocks with Ctrl+F, followed by
F3/Shift+F3 comes to me naturally. The hits are highlighted and one can step thru them, great!

However (and I think this has been asked before), the screen does not scroll to the hit if it's currently not visible. You need to drag and look around, making searching almost worthless...

Does the above browser extension fix this?
What are others doing to solve this huge deficiency of and otherwise brilliant tool?

I followed that thread all the way down, and did not see an AI2 version of it.

However, there are two AI2 compatible browser extensions in

I like the one with the mass block image download facility.

Thanks! Do any on your list solve my problem?

Try AI2Helper.

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