Searchable Listview without using filter bar

I would like to make something like (FilterBar listview) but my will be controlled from a text box.
I did, but there is small issue when I'm searching from textbox it's showing result on Listview then when I select from Listview it's displaying again extra option which I don't need.

Here is my BLOCK:

You do not show what your Listview afterPicking event is doing

after picking putting values to each Textbox

I will try again :wink:

O sorry my bad, I guess you mention this

Here is your problem


should it be something like this?

Yes you're right

Now when I select I should get Qrcode textbox value from Listview

Should I set into Varable?

You need some logic that when a full code is in the textbox, do not run the code that filters the list. Or something like that.

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I tried in this way

But issue after select it's showing 1row value all the time on textbox which is incorrect

Now everthing is all right working :+1:

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Again Error showing
When app initializing if I just select from Listview it's ok
But when app initializing and if I set some value to Textbox and clear after that if I select from Listview
showing error

Select list item: Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 0: []

Here is my BLOCK:


Previous Error I already Fixed
I've another error
Remove list item: Attempt to remove item 1 of an empty list

Maybe someone can help me ;(((
When I'm clearing textbox it most display all list again, if I search it most show result.
Search.aia (21.3 KB)


Maybe you could explain to us how that component works?

How do you know where it stores the results of the scan?

test this, On search it will give you items related to the search..
On clear text box it will show all the items

Is this what you expect?
Search_1.aia (21.7 KB)

@Spicy_Topics @ABG thank you for your response.
Could you please check this I've modified but small issue coming, could you please help. Thank in advance!
Search_1 (2).aia (22.1 KB)

You have not tested the given AIA it seems

@Spicy_Topics it's working thank you but I would like to make some changes and something missing please help me