Search among projects

Hi all, I wonder if it is possible to search something among all the project I have. I am looking for a procedure that I did for a project and I would like to repeat it in a new project, but I don't remember in which one I implemented it. thanks

You need to do it manually by visiting your all projects and screens within that and explore the available defined procedures to search for specific one.

It was not the answer I expected but it must be the true one. Thanks

True in what sense, can you please elaborate?

I was hoping to find a quick way to search, but your answer is true, I'm going to have to go into each project and look for the procedure

Starting from now, save out all your useful procedures as draggable blocks, and store all these on your production computer for reuse later.

Get the browser extension at

and run through your projects, saving zip files of all the block images, project by project, into the directories where you save your .aia exports.

Now they will be searchable by name using your desktop file system browser.

that's a smart idea. Thank you. How do you save them as draggable blocks?

Thanks @ABG. I already use it. But I have to go into every project to find what I am looking for

Just right click on a block or set of blocks in the blocks editor, and save as image. This should create a png image file in your download location. You should then be able to drag this block or set of blocks (the image) onto your blocks editor.

great. Thanks

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