Detected issues at BetaTest iOS version 2.64.4 8)

I start a new issues list for the current status in v.2.64-4 (8):

  1. The scrollable option in the Screen1 is not running:
  2. The Layouts Alignement Center wit Labels inside is not running (put all the labels in the left):
  3. The PromptforPermission on the WebViewer put in OFF has a fatal error 101000. Only runs with ON:
  4. The Layouts Arrangements with Automatic and Fill Parent are not running well. Only they runs well with fix pixels.
  5. The Location Block component adresse is not running in iOS. Only returns null adresses.
    6)The text color set in 0 runs not well in iOS. In Android put the original designer colour.

@ewpatton Please, cany you report when we will have solutions for the issues in the next versions? Thanks.

PD. Anybody knows how we can have a solution for the ActivityStrater to show Google Maps in iOS?

  1. The Portrait Screen Orientation has a fatal error in iOS.

Testing the newest v 2.64.4 (9)
8) The DismissProgress Dialog close not only the ProgressDialog.
Also close all others Notifiers Show Messages or Text Dialog.

  1. The issue of special characters such as stressed vowels is not supported.

Strings should be stored using UTF-8. Can you provide a concrete example of the problem you are encountering?

This is in the iOS AI2 Designer:

But in the Companion(2.64 (8) I have the result not right:

The aia to test:
ACENTOS.aia (1.1 KB)

Ok. I've taken a look at the codegen and it is producing UTF-16 to be compatible with the Java layer. I'll need to adjust the iOS side to be able to parse the UTF-16 and convert it into UTF-8 for compatibility with the iOS libraries.

OK. In this aia test you can see 2 issues more:
1-The vertical-center alignement screen for the label not runs.
2-The font size labels not runs.

Other question @ewpatton :
Can I use the ActivityStarter with only the android.intent.action.VIEW in the iOS platform?

Why not? I've no issues with that:

Tested with the last Versions of Firefox and Companion. I receive the error code 601

The aia to test:
AS.aia (1.6 KB)

Ok. It is with a workaround for iOS. In Android is not necesary the arrangement to have the same result. For me is a issue in iOS vs Android. I have solved several more iOS issues with workarounds.

There is a space at the end:

so remove it and it will work!

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Of course, and there are many more. But as long as there are simple and uncomplicated workarounds, we should come to terms with it in order to FINALLY (after so many years) get a build server that can also be used to publish apps in the Apple AppStore. If we want to wait until even the smallest discrepancy has been resolved, we will most likely NEVER experience it.

AS_2.aia (1.7 KB)

Ups¡¡¡You have right. I don't see this space at the ende.
Is not a issue. Is my mistake.

I agree it.