Scroll TextBbox

How can I scroll a text in a text box without displaying the keyboard each time it is pressed.

The keyboard opens when we scroll the text to the end. When scrolling, it does not open.

Place the text box in a scrollable arrangement, set to, for example, 20% of the height.

testGs.aia (1.2 KB)

It's better to use label instead of textbox

Thank you I tried but the label does not allow me to format the text with spaces and columns,

Can you write down what you mean more precisely? The label allows more formatting than the text field. The label supports html tags.





Try pressing a little more and you'll find that it still displays the keyboard even if you only show one line, plus you can't be sure you're reading the instructions, a bit long at 3 or 4 lines at a time even if they are scrolling.
However I solved it by inserting a web and I prepared a page with instructions on my site.
I had also solved it with a clock with a keyboard inside that remained active every 100mls. and so even if you pressed hard the keyboard was not displayed.

Yes, because then you click to edit. Do you want to completely disable the ability to edit and open the keyboard? So set the "ReadOnly" options to true. Then the keyboard will not open and text editing will be disabled.

I see that you too are busy looking for solutions, but above all you dedicate your time to help me, Graize and congratulations.

See I have already tried these solutions too but both enabled textbox and ReadOnly if you select them SIcurely you do not display the keyboard but neither and you can do other operations one of these do the text scorll.

Angelo - that data looks like a List to me :thinking: Consider using a List View.

Good solution - it can be internet independent though, just add the HTML file to your Media (aka Assets) , path is http://localhost/MyFile.html

"Guys", I realize that for you everything you write has a meaning but for me small and insignificant pseudo-developer: (aka Assets) and the path, they tell me very little, an example with blocks would be better, or even better a .aia, otherwise I don't understand.
So i wouldn't be able to put it into practice.
Thank you very much, however, to everyone who is trying to help me and help someone who knows less than less programming and really hard I know. I am studying but as I have already specified my memory is not the brightest and therefore I do not memorize what I study and if I realize something I have to do it all in one breath and finish the app otherwise I would not be able to continue and complete it.

In fact, the first text was formatted in the way you presented, but being too long it could not be read and so I asked if it was possible to scroll the texbox.

Thanks also for this advice.
I am sending you a photo explaining what was happening and what I had to do to solve the problem at least for the information that I had entered in a complete and broader way in the main screen and in the textbox object of the discussion.
As you will notice in the texbox I inserted some tsto that primarily idicava point by point some instructions for use, being long I needed the user to scroll the textbox without displaying the keyboard. but I had to shorten the text and put the rest on a webpage.
It would have been enough for the appinventor developers to be able to scroll the text when selecting ReadOnly, or Enabled and everything would be solved.

Angelo, we expect Users to familiarise themselves with App Inventor by investing a little bit of time doing the tutorials. I am rather surprised that you have never needed to store any media before now:

I consider your suggestions very important to me as they would solve many communication problems with the user.
I tried to follow your indications at least as regards having to upload a local.html file on the WebViewer component, with a path as you suggested, (http: //localhost/istruzioni.html) after uploading the file (instructions. html) in (MEDIA), as you can see from the photo, but I got 404 page non-existent error.
It would be better if you also showed me how to program the buttons because I didn't understand what the listPicher is for in this case, nor the other buttons.

I have never written tuttorial. The only ones only in video via Youtube.
My memory is the code of my apps already made and pieces of code that I find on the net.
I only use If-Then_Else in my projects because I haven't learned the loops yet and when I see them or insert them in my projects, I don't understand them.

My apps (there are about 10 to date, published on the Play store) are very simple just because I don't have a great preparation as a developer.

Here is an example project which uses an HTML file to present the User with a lot of buttons on one screen. It shows how to load the HTML file and how it is possible to interact with it too.
CAM_BUTTONS_50.aia (3.8 KB)

Note, the buttons at the bottom of the screen do nothing - they are part of the actual project which controls security cameras.

I created the executable but it does not work error 404, I think it is due to the fact that it cannot load a web page inserted in (MEDIA) because the web page is composed of multiple files, see image, so it cannot be loaded because the files on local disk only. Otherwise it is I who do not understand the procedure or how to proceed despite your advice do not worry, forget it, because I see it very difficult.
Thank you so much for giving me so much time, it would have been really good to upload a file from local to the web page.

Multiple files (images?) are OK, as long as their path is directly within the Media, not a seperate folder within the media (or elsewhere). File should be HTML (and not HTM), html version 5 (version 4 is similar so most version 4 files also work).