Scan the wifi network?

hello, I have my application that works well, it connects to wifi, no problem (both my box and APPointesp8266). I’m looking to make a screen where all the possible connections are displayed, then choose and enter the password.
I looked on the site in other sites, I found nothing is it possible? (as in Bleutooth where we are looking for devices)
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you might want to try the wifi extension
see also the extensions directory here

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Hello, I studied the code it works, the application connect. When I connect to Access point on the esp8266, the connection comes back to that of origne, “message no internet access” which is normal. How to do?
thank you.

sorry, I do not understand… you might want to elaborate…

sorry it’s my phone who does this, as the connection does not have internet access, it changes network, without notifying me.
on the other hand when I am in development, I have get SSID,
when I make built apk impossible, it asks me for the authorization that the apk uses wifi, I answer yes ?. It connects well.

I’m still looking for a solution for my SSID problem.
When I am in development I have the SSID of the network connected to my telephone companion.
when I build the application and then launch it, I cannot have the network SSID connected.
I forgot something?
thank you

Hello again,

I have now moved on to some wifi identification and am using your wifi manager ext

In particular .AvailableSSIDs which is working great! However it has a delay from calling to listing SSID's of about (3 seconds).

Is there any way of reducing that time delay? If so, ill be happy to sponsor of course.



scanning takes its time... the only thing to make this faster is to use a faster device... :wink:

however what I could implement is to add a Progress event, which could provide each new found SSID immediately similar to the Progress event in the packagemanager extension

EDIT: sorry, I promised too much...
the scanning first must be executed, then the complete result is given back, it seems to be there is not possibility to get a progress meanwhile scanning...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

Hello @Taifun , I just Try your AvailableSSID.aia with the wifi extension on it, and worked well.
but I unable to parsing SSID that I want by giving the event "When GotAvailableSSIDs " do text compare
like picture bellow

The result it always false "Access point unavailable" , even I know my access point exist.

It test with image of AvailableSSIDs the result is False it mean The Result Value of availableSSIDs not strings or mybe integer is this correct?

how to get ride of my problem , to extract SSID that I Want in availableSSIDs


Ok I resolved my problem
image :grin:

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great... and next time please ask in the community of the builder you are using
thank you