Saving a file with a space in the name

Hello! Help solve the problem. Previously, when using the "file" component, I could use a space in the file name, but now when using a space, I get an error, tell me how to fix this so that I could use spaces in the file name. Thanks!

Yes, I tested it and actually a space in the name causes an error.

Btw, this seems to affect all components that can save something, e.g. also the → SoundRecorder.
If the storage path is not set manually (without spaces), you will get this error:



this has not happened before!

Hmm. I believe this is because we internally switched to using URIs everywhere in the new scoped file system for consistency, but URIs tend to not like spaces in their paths. I think it should be a relatively easy fix since that part of the system is fairly centralized.


Is there a quick way to stay on previous release (or going back) for some time, until main bugs are fixed ?
You guys are expert and you quick understand when it is a new bug, but for rookies like me, it is a huge waste of time (ok, I gain experience :blush:) to understand that an unexpected behavior is from a new release and not from my error. And when I guess it, I have to find the correct posts before understanding my issue is actually due to the new release. Any advice ?

there is no way back, because this would break the current projects...
just be patient while the team will fix it...
as workaround you might want to remove the spaces in the filename...


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I too have had the same error on code that worked six weeks ago - but not now. My reading of this is that the default location that SoundRecorder is trying to use is '../My Document/ which has a space in the name. I don't wish to mess with the 'My Documents' file name as that is part of the system, so have tried using the filepath /Recordings/MySound.3gp - but no success. Can you please give an example of a filepath to which is is possible to write the sound file?

See here:

Although the focus is about converting the sound file to a base64 string, it shows how the sound file is saved to the ASD first....