Save two lists to tdb

Could you help me adapt my code to get an output similar to what the file you suggested creates. Specifically, I would be interested in having only two columns and having the value of the first row of the first column correspond to the value of the first row of the second column.
In particular, I must necessarily have the same height between the row of the first column and the corresponding row of the second column!
Furthermore, it would be enough for me to insert a single button and a listpicker to directly eliminate the respective value of the second column.
saveListToTDB (1).aia (5.9 KB)

Why two different lists, the data: "animal" and "breed" go together, so they can be in the same output list? You can extract one column or the other if need be.

Yes, correct because "animal" corresponds to a unique "race". So how can I solve this?

I presume the animal/breed(race) example is just that, what you really want to do is with SerialNumber and MedicalDevice ? You already have a two column list of all of these to begin with, and want to create a new list of these items selected by your user? Is this correct ?

Yes, it was to simplify. I don't have a two column list, that's the main problem I can't move forward. The two columns are created as the user enters data (so I can't even predict how many rows they will be). The user enters a description of MD and the corresponding number and it becomes a row and so on... I wrote in the other form because I thought that Table view could be an ideal solution

I was referring to this:

or is this a completely different / separate app ?

It's part of the same app I'm trying to create but they are different concepts. The data from the csv files are used for other fields and are not needed for this table which I have to create unfortunately otherwise it was enough to read these csv data and insert them into the table

Therefore the user is creating these list items by themselves, they can add any data they wish ?

Yes, correct, the user enters a specific part of the medical device (probe, printer, monitor...) and the respective serial number

Then this should be fairly trivial.....

Textbox1 = item
Texbox2 = serial

list = devicesList

addItemtolist devicesList 
make a list    - Textbox1.Text
               - Textbox2.Text

insert header row to list
make a list    - Items
               - Serials

Init the Tableviewer layout
Set devicesList to data

You can use the CSV to solve this problem

In this way?
saveListToTDB_1_2 (1).aia (20.3 KB)

You are STILL creating two separate lists! Why ?

You are right! So I have to create only one procedure, right?

I tried to edit like this but it still doesn't work
saveListToTDB_1_2 (2).aia (19.8 KB)

Try this

saveListToTDB_1_2_1.aia (20.2 KB)

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Yes thank you very much it works perfectly, I really don't know how to thank you! I just ask you for one last courtesy: is there a way to keep the length of the columns fixed and view everything without scrolling, like in this image?

do you mean horizontal scroll not wanted?
What's your app look like when running?

Basicly TableViewer is working on HTML/CSS. So you can google for 'how to break line/word in table' for answer.
Here is the solution:

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Yes, correct! This is what my app returns to me for example