Save image after click checkbox

Hello everyone
Sorry that I need help again. but I just can't get any further. in my app I managed to save the checkbox and display it in my "gallery folder". only the images are not saved in another vertical arrangement. can anyone please help me. but please use block examples if possible. Thanks

You may need to describe in detail what you are attempting?

ok i'll try it. what already works: picture 1 checkbox check picture comes on another virtual page. When restarting the app or changing the screen, checkboxes are checked but the image is no longer there. How can I save the images on this page. i hope it is understandable. allso on picture 2 it should look like this but also when restarting the app

So I tried a few things yesterday and today and I can't get it. Do I have to make a second tinydb for the images or can/must I somehow re-call the checkboxes? I need a thought impetus

Nope :frowning:

Perhaps make a simple example aia project of what you are trying to do, things may become more obvious then.

So I've been trying a few things for days now. I just can't do it. here is a simple aia how it works at the moment. checkboxes work. Scrap book if checkbox checked everything ok but as soon as i switch to screen 2 and go back and press scrap book again the pictures are no longer there. please help.. :thinking:
Do I need to make a second TinyDB for the images or do I need to change the prompt to reload the images?:man_shrugging:t3:

aia file comes later I can't use my cell phone

save_pic (1).aia (493.4 KB)

Try this:

save_pic_1_revised.aia (493.6 KB)

Does this do what you want it to do ?

If so, this would be all that is needed if you only have a few images to handle like this, but from earlier posts you have 10's if not over 100 images to handle. This will require careful use of the any component blocks and lists for images and image components. You need to move away from named components.

thanks works great :star_struck:
yes, the first swing is about 100 and it will be about 300.
Will I have problems loading it or is it just because it's so much work?

Probably both :slight_smile: What you do may depend on how it impacts on the other parts of your project, but I sense that use of a dynamic component extension such as CompCreator could do a lot of the heavy lifting here, along with using anyComponent blocks, Listviews....