Save different fingerprints

Hi, I want to add an option like school attendance to my app
It is enough for the teacher to have his phone with the possibility of fingerprints
And every student just needs to put his hand on the fingerprint of the phone to be registered, and then his name, which was previously saved with that fingerprint, and finally the names of those who put the fingerprint and those who didn't

Here a fingerprintsensor extension.

This feature is only for fingerprints intended for the screen lock system
But I want every fingerprint to be registered in the fingerprint app itself, not one but hundreds of fingerprints without problems
Here, only you can access the fingerprint that the system has placed on the phone

It seems to be smwhat defferent where, when the finger print sensor will get accessed, it will trigger an event, and where you will compair finger print with already stored list of biometric data if that matches, you will mark that student as present. I thing here, above extention will authenticate a data from some predefiened data location only.

Maybe someone extention expert will answer you or with new/updated extention.