Save and share csv file : How can I find it and show it in files on the phone

1- After pressing the save button, I did not find the file on the phone. How can I find it and show it in files on the phone?

2- How can I share the file without saving the file first and shortening the saving step ( merge the 2 steps?

The Sharing component needs (uses) an absolute path (not only the file name).

is it true ?


On Android 11+ you cannot see the ASD. You must connect your devices via USB with your computer and look in the ASD.

give me this error and the file cannot be found in the path

but i can only share it

Show all relevant blocks. And post the AIA.

The error message doesn''t make sense. Send the AIA to me via PM. I can take a look.

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Try this simple test aia:
saveShare.aia (6.0 KB)

or this:

I tried your aia file and it also has the same problem. The file is not found on the phone in the file saving path , but i can only share it to any app ( whatsapp ) and get the file from the whatsapp documents path , not android path


It should work on all Android versions.
Did you get any error message? If so, post it.

SHARE OK with no problems

The file saved is not found on the phone

the file is stored in ASD... on newer devices usually you not have access to that directory anymore...
to find the file, try this


As I already told you

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If you want to see the file on your device you must move (copy) it to one of the Shared folder (/Download or /Documents) from the ASD using the File component or one of the File extensions from @Taifun or @vknow360.

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I added this last block but it disabled everything and the share button no longer works

/Documents/<get response>...

And read post #17 again.

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