Same screens were overlapped when press device back button

Sometimes, multiple same screens were overlapped when press device back button to close single screen app I built with App Inventor 2 after using app several times. And it cause problems like that each screen play it's timer sound simultaneously.

How can I fix this problem. I want only single screen is remained.
Sorry for poor explanation.


Read this first:

Then you would probably have found:

Test devices Xiaomi Mi A1/ LG G8 ThinQ
Mi A1 is installed Android version 9 / LG G8 ThinQ is installed Android version 10

This simple app have 3 buttons. Each background color randomly changed when click each button. After set 3 random background colors to each button than come out from app with device home button of phone than re-enter the app with click app icon. Sometimes app starts screen with previous screen that have 3 different background colored button. Sometimes app starts screen with default simple gray 3 buttons. When app starts screen with default set, app have previous screen below new screen. When click device back button, previous screen appear after new screen closed.

I'd like to turn off or delete previous screen when run new screen.
Sorry for poor expression.

Thx Anke for your advice.
and Thx in advance.

Post the aia or a test aia.

islistempty.aia (2.9 KB)


I don't understand where exactly the problem is supposed to be.
So describe precisely what steps have to be taken to reproduce the issue:

  1. Do this
  2. do that
  3. ...

If you already installed this app, update it with new one. you should not have pressed device back button to reproduce the problem.

1, Install this app on your Android phone using 'Build > App(Provide QR code for .apk) ...' process
2. After install it, Click app icon to run this app.
3. Click each button to change each color.
4. Close this app using device home button not device back button.
5. then click app icon to re-run this app.
6. If you meet default colored button then press device back button to see previous screen below new one.

This looks more like a question about the life cycle of an AI2 app in Android, where an app can wave goodbye but not really leave.

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No issues at all for me, it works exactly as expected. Make a video and post it.
And tell us what exactly you expect, so how should it work.

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I have an another app to be published soon and it have a timer, an alarm and a recorder function in it. When a timer lefts below 60 sec, a alarm sound plays to record sth. If two or more screens are overlapped, it cause playing alarm sound simultaneously and alarm sound is added in a record file. I could publish this app with 'known bug' but I also want to fix it.

I upload .apk to let you test the problem.

DelByTime_5slots.aia (253.6 KB)

[Button click to add text]

[Button long click to add REC]

[Timer to check time left and play alarm]

I have the same problem

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