Runtime Error | The Operation elemts cannot accept the arguments [""]

Hi There, I'm trying to make school subjects schedule. Everything seems working except Monday. every time I submit a subject on Monday there's always an empty string.


I see that on monday you get the sundaylist from FireBase. The image is not very clear so you should also post a better one.

Welcome Senzawa,

Here you are having comparison with Monday but setting to Sunday, Please check the image

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I had already posted that.

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Yes Peter, you are very right.. I realized this just after I had posted. Sorry, if it caused confusion. Thanks

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Thanks for the help guys, I already fixed it but the problem stays the same.
Here's the better picture.

How do you spinner values look?

If you mean my elementsfromstring, it looks like this.

The () means it is an empty list. So no elements.

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is it something's wrong with my elementsstring? because I really don't know which part that I did wrong except for that sundaylist.

Try putting Weekdays at the beginning of your ElementsfromString, this will create a sort of heading. The spinner is a strange thing and does not fire an afterPicking event for selecting the item that is already selected.

Also see here for more about the Spinner component:


Thanks! it seems fixed my problem, I was having a hard time figuring out how to fix that string. Thanks guys for helping me out!

Can you share how you fixed it?

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