Runtime error only when build the app, Tableview extension by Ken


I'm having this error when using the app apk built. But no error with the same app using the Companion.

Somebody can help?

With thanks

Are you using any extensions?

What version of the companion app are you using ?

I'm not using any extension and the companion version is 2.66.
with the companion it works fine.


What android?

The latest update was march 1, 2023 Ver: G781BXXS4HWC2, but same happen to other devices and versions.


When does the error occur, when the app starts or when you perform a particular action?

Are you setting custom fonts to any components?

It happens when I click one item from a list. AfterPicking block, than I set a global var with parts of this item and add it to another list.


What you provided is not an android version.
Have you set a non-standard font in any component?
Insert your aia project here to test or other with this same error.

Hi, in reality indeed I'm using an extension: the TableView extension from kennichoolsandroid and the error occur when accessing it.

So it's an by Ken extension problem. It is not compatible with the current version of AppInventor.

Use this extension:

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Yes, indeed, but I'm wondering why it works well with the Companion!
Anyhow I will check if is there any update for this extension or some other similar.

Thanks a lot.

Ken has not updated his extension. I have provided an alternative.

Really, which one?
Please let me know.

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Oh, sorry I missed it, I will use it and let you know.
Many thanks.

Hi Patryk,

Is this suggested extension the LottieView? If not where can I get it?

No, you want the Tableviewer extension by @Kevinkun