Running in Background and as Widget

Hello AppInventors,

I'm new here and have questions right away....

I am not a real developer, but a hobbyist. The AI platform seems to raise just the right entry level and I am very grateful for it!

I have two questions about my project:

The app I want to build should display a different image every five minutes, ideally a sequence of animated GIFs. In addition, a sound should be played every few minutes.

I already have the hull for the app. The sounds are played. I'm also pretty sure I'll be able to manage the images.
But now the two challenges:

  1. the app should run in the background and
  2. the app should run as a widget on the desktop.

I have been looking for solutions for this, but have found that AI has limitations in precisely these areas.
But I would like to ask whether something has changed here or whether it should change (roadmap). Does anyone know anything?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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Consider Open Source • Background Tasks: Itoo 🚀

but you might use an extension

technique to run in the foreground and that might work for your stated objectives
try Ullis Roboter Seite/AI2 Keep Alive

or ITOO also now has a foreground mode.

Run your app in an emulator on your PC ???

Not aware of anything that will create a widget to run on your phone.

Funny, I had already found Ulli's robot page, but had no idea how 'good', i.e. how accepted and widespread this solution is. I will spend some more time with it.

If I can't make a widget, that's almost a KO criterion for my plan.