Rounded notifier alert and position top, center or bottom

Hello, I'm wondering if in the near future the 'notifier' component will be updated.
It would be nice if there are settings to show the alert rounded and where to show the alert, top, center or bottom. It would also be nice if the background-color can be set.
I checked some (notifier/toast) extensions, but I saw none that can do all these things.

I hope an appinventor developer can say something about this.

You can easily make your own notifier using one of the dialog extensions.

If you use Default Theme, the Notifier App Inventor uses is the Android system default display.

If you use Classic Theme, you have some control of the properties of that display.

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Thak you both for your replies, but that is not exactly what I mean. I would like the notifier.showAlert to look like the native toast messages of Android. I now have OriginalToast1 extension installed, that does almost what I want, only background-color is not working as expected, because the background-color is shown as a rectangle on top of the rounded darkgray alert.

Have you tried this one ?

Custom Toast

There is a V3 in post 5.

or this:

Motion Toast

In such case you can try custom notifier through alpha dialogue extension. You can do lot of customisation..




I tried Custom Toast, but didn't understand the 'arrangement' option.

Motion Toast looks promising, I will try that.

The extension uses an arrangement component to "house" the toast - think putting toast into a toaster :wink:

Just drag out either a horizontal or vertical arrangement, don't adjust any properties, and assign is as below:


Thanks for your quick reply.
In the arrangement I add a label or button with the message text on it?
I don't want to add an icon or title, just one short text like ' saved succesfully' .

Just saw that Motion Toast also needs a 'component' .. I guess that's similar to the arrangement option in the Custom Toast extension.

btw, I think there is a bug in Motion Toast. When I want to change BodyTypeFace in appinventor designer, the image upload screen opens.
I can do it in blocks but what does BodyTypeFace expect?