Build a 'Notifier' Alert from Blocks - an alternative way to provide a notification alert

A Notifier.Alert control always displays in the center of a Screen. This work around allows you to display a message in the app's TitleBar on in a Label you place anywhere on your app.

Un tick both TimerAlwaysFires and TimerEnabled in the Clock Designer Properties. Set TimerInterval to 6000 for six seconds of display (or an other duration).

Un tick Visible in the Label Designer Properties and set Width to Fill parent; set TextAlignment to center.

Create a Procedure (notifierLabelOrTitle) to do the work and call the alternative 'notifier' using the Procedure.

The notifier alert substitute Procedure can provide even more flexibility and control of how the notify message displays and its appearance.

This version of the Procedure allows coding the message, duration to display (timerDelay), notifier background color (labelBackground) and notifer text color (labelText) using the call notifierLabel Procedure sockets.

It is not possible to locate the position of the Label on your Screen using Block code. Position the Label using the Designer.