Result cant be less than 0

i dont know how to use block to get a result that cant be less than 0

Hello user. Please post relevant information related to your problem, including your relevant blocks.

You can refer to the guidelines here.

i mean what are the blocks i need to make a result that cant be less than 0
and can you send a picture for it
i am using hauwei windows 10

A Clock-based detector that detects the user's input in a TextBox and sees if it is less than 0. Is this what you want?

Designer elements:


NumberProject.aia (2.1 KB)

Use max(x,0) as your result.

Thanks but can you send a picture of how ?

nope but thanks for your time i got the answer

and i want the minimum result 0 not the max

But what is the logical sequence you use?? Addition or subtraction or division or anyother operations?? Pls give us in detail..


There is a bit of a paradox here, that the max() function can give you a number no less than 0.

If x < 0, then max(x,0) will be the larger of x and 0, namely 0.
If x >= 0, then max(x,0) will be x.

So max(x,0) will be either x if x > 0, or 0 otherwise.

Isn't that what you wanted?

so you mean that if max (x,0) is larger than 0 right ?

larger or equal to 0.

If you need strictly larger than 0, then use
which would give you values at least 1.