Response not updated after barcode scanning

Hello folks! I have my registration more or less built with the blocks below. Strangely, when I scan the QR code, the first 1-2 times will not return the intended message but at the 3rd scan, it does. And again, strangely, once it works.. subsequently, when scanned, it reflects previous message until another couple of attempts to scan again, the message will be updated. Is there an issue with my blocks? It gets abit dangerous as I am displaying a message that tells guests their Table No. If the wrong message is displayed, they will be at the wrong table. Do help! Thanks.

Is this the same issue as this?

I would this it is different cos' now all messages display well and disppears accordingly. The only thing is.. the 1st or 2nd scan always do not return the actual/correct message. it stops at the previous/last message. I have to scan it 2-3 times to get the message updated to the correct one. Not sure what went wrong.

  • What is your script doing ?
  • Why are you using a clock timer ?
  • Why setting Response Visible to false ?

Hello im basically pulling values from google sheets. All is working fine and displaying well. The clocker timer is set to display the "message pulled from google sheet" and to stay on screen for a while before it goes back to Screen 1 so the cycle repeats. The challenge here is.. it is always the first, second and third scan that do not produce a correct result. The 4th scan will produce a correct result.

Anyone can help on this urgently? Need this for an event registration.