App not updated/refreshed after the 1st QR Scan

Hi, need some help here. I've created a check-in app for an event. Seemed to be working well. Once QR scanned and if it is a valid ID, a display message will appear and disappear after 3 secs. However, it worked only for the 1st time. Second scan onwards, the text does not display anymore. It will only work if i keep re-doing the blocks and work again well for the 1st scan. Is there a need to reset upon each click?

Any fix for this to share?

This is a weird way to clear a message.

You start a Clock Timer, but I see no Clock Timer event that should have the code to clear the message. Leave the Clock disabled, but enable it in the Web.GotText event. Disable the Clock Timer in the Clock Timer event, so it doesn't repeat forever.

Clearing the message is typically done by setting the .Text to an empty string, not messing up the background color to render it totally unreadable hereafter.

Thanks alot i will try it. Wanted to check in as well if there is any way to flip the camera of the barcode scanner to front facing?

I don't see one in Sensors

though you might have luck in the external sensor loophole or one of the AI2 extension mongers.