Request Extension to get json update data from telegram bot

I have searched the internet for an extension that can get a response when there is an update from a Telegram bot

For example, there is a user who sends a message to a bot, then the extension can update json data in real time

For example, when I want to create an auto reply Telegram bot application

I have looked for it on the internet but no one has made it except just an extension for sending messages.

Thank you, I hope you respond and my request is accepted🙏.

Are you certain that neither this:

or this:

do what you require ?

Have you also tried simply using the web component ?

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I have tried both, but the extension only gets updates from the chat ID or account that we choose, I want whatever updates are made to the Telegram bot, the json will be displayed. and extension Telegram Bot API Extension by Henry Richard only specifically receives updates from certain chats and only in the form of text messages

and have you tried with the web component ?

What does it mean that I have to GET the Telegram bot update api repeatedly?

can you provide an example of a block?

I have tried it but duplicate results

I can't help, I do not use Telegram.

that's why I requested this extension, maybe there are extension developers here who use Telegram