Report bug in App Inventor installer on Windows


I would like to report a but in the MIT App Inventor software for Windows.

I’ve been trying to install MIT App Inventor for a few days but faced a weird issue where when using Connect to Emulator function, an error message saying The path couldn’t be found appeared in the terminal.

Eventually I figured out the issue: the user account I am using on Microsoft Windows 10 has both spaces and a special character.

For example: “C:/Users/Gilles & SecondName”
Eventually I discovered that a new folder had been created with the name C:/Users/GILLES which is not linked to any account on my machine; and only app inventor related files in it.

Hence I think the installer doesn’t support spaces and/or special character in the folder path in windows.

I went around the issue by creating another user account on windows without spaces and special characters.

Thanks for putting this together!

Thanks for the report @Gilles. We’ll look at the Windows scripts and see what’s going on. My guess is that the ampersand is causing the issue but I’ll have to double check.