Reminders with Alarm or Notification

Hello, i'm making an app for elderly resident's from an old folks home everything is almost done the only thing left is to make a reminder for some things. Is it possible to make a reminder for their medicine and doctor appointments using either an alarm or notification where the time for the alarm or notification is set from the time already set in a google sheet?

If not then maybe just through a message dialog just for an example? would that be possible? I'm not sure how to go about it... Because there is a specific time that I want the notifier to pop up

Can you show a screenshot of the Google Sheet ??
How is the Time being saved?? (Format)

Try using the Alarm Extension (

I have thought of using the alarm extension but I didn't know how it would work because I need to extract all of the time set for the resident's medicine intake as well as their doctor's appointment and for example lets say there are 3 resident's that'll nees their medicine at 2.30pm then the alarm would trigger and the title of the alarm would be their names or something like that.

The data type of the time and date are strings;


The first screenshot has only time, no date ..... means it is a daily routine??

You would need to read the google sheet, and compare the Time Column to the Clock Instant Now() using a loop to compare all the enteries in the time column.

Give it a try. .....

Also you would need to incorporate background processing, unless you want the app to be running all day ............ to be able to keep checking .... the time

For the medicine, yes it is daily because most of the time medicine are taken daily, only the appointment has dates.

I don't think that I need the background processing because this is just a demo application for my final year project. I can list it as a disadvantage in my report.

I have a question though, I have a total of 3 screens and most of the reminders are gonna be in my 2 screen for databases of the patients, medicine and appointment and what not. Lets say if I use the alarm extension or even just a message dialog from notifiers, would it still operate when within a different screen?

Frankly, I wouldnt venture into Multiple Screens. It is better to use Virtual Screens by Seperate Vertical /Horizontal Arrangements, on Screen1 and set their Visibility = True / False. That way quite a few issues get resolved auto.

you might be interested in my new Alarm Manager Extension with Notification


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I need a help from you!...
I am developing an application for my academic purpose. Its a medication in take reminder and refill alert.
I need some references and help from you. Because i am entirely new to this. Please help me.
Many thanks in advance.

As already mentioned earlier...


Shall we delete or modify the set alarm through my application? by this extension?

This depends on you if you want to modify or delete an alarm...

To cancel an alarm just use the Cancel method together with the alarm id you like to cancel
To modify an alarm just set the alarm again to the new date and time using the alarm id you like to modify
Btw. you could have found that out easily yourself after reading the documentation...


Did you find any solution?

A solution for what exactly? What do you need?
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