Redesigned Ui of Appinventor [To be Open Sourced]

SO well hi guys, My self a little coder named Anshuman Mishra. Actually, I hoped to participate in Gsoc this year but, sadly I wasn't able to do so ( Due to age eligibility problems). I made a UI project, maybe it may have mistakes.


Please give me suggestions to improve it more.

Note: I will make this UI open source as soon as when most of things are done and the Ui satisfies you all.

Open source Link
Will be updated when most of the bugs and problems are fixed

Sorry if there are any mistakes on non good looking things in it .


nice work!!


It seems like you only use one font which makes it worse, as said before by another person, a font like Roboto or Inter would look good.

This is my natural opinion, saying what I think. No Offense.


Ok, will update the font and show u results

Looks pretty good. I like the way the viewer is shown, but I agree with @Kumaraswamy - the font isn't looking good.

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Ok, will update the font and show you results soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I will surely not as u are just trying to improve me :hugs:

Wow That is SuperB UI

Good Job :wink: :+1:

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What if we make the panels scrollable rather than whole screen?

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Panels are scrollable sir :slightly_smiling_face: u can see a scrollbar in screenshot

Good then.
But as you mentioned earlier that you have only modified CSS.Is it true?


Yes sir, majorly css is there but, some code is dependent on other files too so, I will open source all the depending files that need to be modified

Awesome work!!

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The UI is totally awesome! Like fits my style!

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Progress till now

I opened a pull request in Appinventor sources too :


Nice PR,
But To redesign appinventor UI,
Need to target which part of ui you want to change,
we can't change everything at once of UI :thinking:

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My goal is to make UI user friendly and will try to make it more minimal and clean

Why the small font? And does the opendyslexic function still works. I saw the same error on Appzard. Their opendyslexic is also not working anymore.


Ok, I will take a look at your suggestions

When will this be open-source @Know_About_IT?
Really Want to take a look at the code :star_struck:

P.S: is this the one? I think it just has the light/dark mode