Redesigned Ui of Appinventor [To be Open Sourced]

if I will do all, wat will u do ?

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then why did you say that to be open-source
Then you must make it

You lack wiseness in aspect to what you actually think it to be

You just need to put css in ya.css and gwt.css

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but where are those files? did you gave them?


did u even browse repo ?


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where is the repo of this?

I even asked that is it this one, but no answer

Bruh ! it is one,


Thanks :+1:

My better suggestion is please explain your answer well from the next time, because a few people cannot understand... :wink: :slight_smile: :+1:

it was quite clear, in repo if you found CSS files :no_mouth:

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I no longer want to continue this discussion,
BTW I saw all the .css files I just can't understand you properly because it was like tricky

It's all right, the PR shows you the changed files with the paths and source codes. rudrathedev added 7 commits 4 months ago.


I Just tried to modify with my source but no changes

@SRIKAR_B.S.S you can found ya.css and gwt.css in this

It dosent make any changes I Tried by Pasting the whole css files to my version of ai2

Please edit the files by your self not by copying and pasting
You can edit phone In ya.css background color and lot more

Cannot understand

Phoen image

Just want to try his User interface

See in this phone image is differ the thing that is in middle

He had not posted his source code yet