Recommended compatible android tablets

I am a teacher putting together an order for a class set of tablets to use with MITAI. I found this list ( but I want a suggestion from the developers.

I ran into issues with the kindle in the past (no gyro), and I do not want a repeat.

The best advice is in one of the first lines of that link Neil .. "If your device is not on the list below, we recommend testing your devices before attempting this in a classroom setting. " The list you see is a 'suggestion' from the developers for compatible tablets to use with MITAI extensions. The developers will see your post.

Otherwise peruse the manufacturer's spec sheets to find out what features are available (you want a gyro and other toys). 'Borrow' a device to test from a friend or colleague.

Peruse the community and read about device's having Android 10 and 11. Google's Security safeguards make programming these devices slightly more difficult with respect to file storage. Not a killer issue because there are work arounds. You probably will not find a perfect device and I expect no one will recommend a specific device. What you use depends on YOUR requirements.

To be practical in a K-12 environment, I have to have a model that will be cheap and function with all of the curriculum. No teacher should be trying to figure all of this out prior to. It just needs to be a package and click "buy". I cannot trust the list because I know that the HD Fire 8 does not have a gyro and that ends up being a critical sensor.

Maybe the whole MITAI community is more oriented towards developers/college students, not middle school.


The list linked above is specifically tablets we and others have tested our AI materials on--none of those apps require the gyroscope. If you have a particular curriculum you are using, you may want to talk to the folks who created the curriculum. I believe both Mobile CSP and PLTW give recommendations for hardware to purchase and/or kits.

Do you have links for CSP or PLTW?

Your post was in 2/21. It's 9/23 and that list is 2 years old. Our district is on the struggle bus with a second device for AI 2 Companion. Has anyone seen an updated list from PLTW about compatible tablets NOW?