Reading values from a pre loaded excel file

I am making a application for the trajectory of the water rocket.
It will calculate the distance between the two points from the position given by the user.
This distance is then checked from a data table that will tell the different angles at which this range can be calculated.
I am able to calculate the distance but needs help as to how can a excel sheet be added into the application, such that it remains within the setup of the app, and when i send the app to some other person he will get that database also.
I only want to read data from the excel sheet and use it in my calculations and the results will be displayed
I want the app to run offline , do not want to use google sheets etc

When you say excel file do you mean csv, or xlsx ?

Here's the CSV download option:

Save the .csv file to disk, then upload it to the Media Folder.
Add a File component in the Designer, and read the csv file from //filename.csv
When the File .GotText event fires, save the csv text to a global variable.
Then go learn how to use lists.
FAQ Section: Lists