Reading multiple indices from a list

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I am using an IMU sensor that has a built-in BlueTooth module. I am able to read data from the device via classic Bluetooth. My output and my sensor are in the following picture

As you can see it starts with 58 which is hexadecimal format. And I need to read 7-10 or 11-14 ..... indexes separately because let's say indexes 7-10 is represents Float32. There is almost 26 float 32 or int16 data type in this Byte Array. My question is

How can I obtain 7-10 indexes into a new list and how could I read 4 bytes as a float 32.
BT_Basic_Setup_Receive.aia (7.2 KB)

Not really. If it were in hexadecimal format, wouldn't it have characters A-F in the display, in values from 00-FF?

Since the numbers in the list are in the range 0-205 (yes, I actually read the numbers) I am pretty sure these are decimal numbers representing unsigned byte values.

Regarding extraction of sets of 4 consecutive items from the list(s), that would involve the list SELECT block (I gave you one recently, ,maybe you read it?) repeated 4 times for consecutive indices, with the base increasing by 4 for each loop.

See the free book in

for chapters on how to loop and how to work with lists.

For conversion to floating point numbers, here is a sample project:

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