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Hi there. I am making a memory game and I saw a post where you were helping another user back in April. I've never used MIT app inventor before, and I have no experience with anything to do with it. Unfortunately, I need to learn how to build this app, and yours looked like a really easy matching game. I have struggled to create a matching game type game and am really trying to find an easier solution. Is there any way you might be able to help me use a similar template to what you did? Or if that is not possible, perhaps there is a video online that I could watch to get the concepts? Again, I'm sorry if I come off as a little desperate or needy. I've never had to build an app before, so it is a little daunting.

If your curious, I'm trying to make a matching game for Chemistry ions. So it would have a picture of an ion's formula, like Cl, and you would have to give the correct name, chlorine, to move on. If you could help me out, that would be much appreciated!

Sincerely, a confused new user.

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Welcome to AI2.

I have made your post public, so others can help you too.

Start with the free book in

and do some tutorials.

YouTube has good AI2 starter videos.
Search for Wolber AI2 there.

Once you have learned lists, you can set up a two column table with abbreviations (CL) in column 1 and names (chlorine) in column 2, for matching purposes.