RE: how to make a list of lists with csv import

Hello Sir,

I dont mean to distrub you. I am trying but cannot solve a problem.

  1. Inspired by your quiz app, I am trying to make the answer list from a csv file. if the quiz has a 100 questions and 300 possible answers then it may better to use a csv.

i made a csv - "a,b,c","d,e,f", "g,h,i".... each alphabet are answer options, the first one being the answer.
I imported this file in app inventor. I mad a mainList which contains all answers from each question (a,b,c) in one record. so in mainList index 1 is a,b,c. Index 2 is d,ef and so on.

I am failing to automatically make a listAnswers whis a list of list from mainLIst. I can do it manually, by adding blocks.

  1. Is it possible to make the button clicked which had the correct answer to change color to green if correct or red if not and then reset it to default grey when next question appears.

Many thanks. No hurry.

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