Questions regarding the charts components

I am checking out the new charts components plotting the number of dengue cases per week, using as colors for the circles the alert level (level 1 – green, level 2 – yellow, level 3 – orange, level 4 – red).

Some questions:

  • Is it possible to indicate labels for the x and y axis?
  • My input are integer numbers, yet they are displayed as decimals?
  • Trying to add a legend indicating the meaning of the colors, the colors are repeated for each datapoint. Is it possible to limit this to a specific set of items? How to add their meaning to be displayed?
  • Trying to use customized colors (not the ones of the preset color blocks) by specifying them via RGB (using the RGB color block) the app crashes (when testing with the companion).

Here is the code:
newtest (1).aia (4.2 KB)

Thanks for any feedback!

Given you are using a network connection to get your data, you might want to consider using Google Charts, which has a broader configuration.

You may be able to achieve most things using:


You might be able to do this by using 4 ChartData components, one per danger level, and sending the different data points (week number, case count) into the ChartData component for that range (0-200, 201-400, 401-600, 601+).
Assign a different color to each ChartData, and Label it by its range.
Plot all 4 ChartDatas in the same Chart.

(I write this before trying it.)


I studied your code, and I see that you are coloring each point by nivel, (whatever that is.)
Most of your nivel values are in the red (4).
Here my take on your graph, based on nivel 1-4:
chart2_dengue.aia (8.5 KB)

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@ewpatton This definitely needs more work to allow/disallow decimal points (as with the bottom axis numbers)

The chart will not accept the colour numbers generated by the make colour block. I could work around it by setting the colour to a label, then getting the label colour. This needs fixing.

Putting the chart inside an arrangement, then adding labels can provide for this. This needs fixing.

I built one manually using labels to show the colours and the definitions. Would be nice to divorce the "line" from the "points".

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions! I will try them to adjust the chart as much as possible. Most probably the only remaining issue will be the display of decimal numbers only.

The colour must be specified as:
alpha-red-green-blue (integer)


However, although it does not crash, it does not display the colour either :upside_down_face:

EDIT: The list has to consist of more than one colour entry. A single colour can be defined as an integer. However, most of the Universe uses RGBA integers. For example -16776961 is an RGBA red. If I swap the last value (Alpha) and put it in the front: -61167769 the result is a green, so obviously the integer formula is different (or the Chart is at fault). I will see what I can find.

  • TimAI2 has already discovered that you can set the background colour of a label (RGB or RGBA) and then set the chart colour to the label Background colour:

That is an oversight in the design of the Chart Module unfortunately.

I notice also that, your data values are plotted right-to-left, starting with 29, ending with 44, in accordance with your data - but should that be left-to-right?

Another issue with the Chart Component is that a number of settings are Designer only when most if not all would be better served as Blocks.

Based on your suggestions (@TIMAI2 ) I added a color legend of the alert level color information in the chart and a label for the haxis:

resolving these issues.

And, yes ( @ChrisWard ) the data is plotted correctly starting with week one:

I have not yet tested any rgb color definition alternatives.
But so mostly the issue on displaying the values as decimals seems to have no workaround.

newtest_v02.aia (4.1 KB)

Thanks for your help!!

Seems one cannot even NOT display the values!

are you trying to do like this?

Hi, I wasn't thinking of something so fancy - rather just adjusting the issue of decimals and maybe an aesthetic more beautiful way of displaying the legend of the meaning of the colors of the circles of the line chart as for example like this:

By the way, the possibility to color each circle in a different color within the same series is a great feature!

  1. I do not think this is possible in this release, but it would be a good thing for us to add in a future release.
  2. Currently, for most chart types the X value is automatically coerced to a double value internally, which is why you end up with the decimal point. We probably would want a few different formatting options here given that the X values could be integers, doubles, or timestamps.
  3. It's interesting that the legend is doing that with a single data series. The legend feature here was more intended for when there is more than one data series and you need to differentiate between them. I'm not sure how we can best handle this right now.
  4. I investigated this and the issue is that the make a color block is returning a positive long value to be stored in the list rather than a negative int value. I've come up with a patch in the Colors property to work around, but you could also just subtract power(2, 32) from each of the colors to get the right integer value. The color blocks output the "correct" values but since the property wants something in [-231, 231 - 1], it rejects all values and this causes an index out of bounds error during rendering.

I've filed the following issues for the additional feature requests.

A test server with the bugfix for the Colors property and make a color block is now available here:

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Hello, thanks a lot for working on these issues!
I just tested the RGB color block and it is working just fine now:

using these blocks:

newtest_v03.aia (4.7 KB)