Questions regarding ESP32 and Arduino

Hello everyone, I am a beginner to this platform and have only made 4-5 basic apps. I visit the community regularly and see questions asked about "Arduino" and "ESP32".

I want to know what these actually are and how can I use them with App Inventor (any tutorials or books).

I did some beforehand research on Google and found that ESP32 is basically a PCB( Printed circuit board) but can't understand how it works and what can I do with them.

Any help would be appreciated.

Search this Community for information about ESP32

They are basically mini control boards that you can program to interact with different electronics and sensors. An arduino is a basic microcontroller and esp32 is similar just has a few more features such as Bluetooth and WiFi. You can create app on app inventor that then communicate with these boards to control different things around your house or robots or anyproject you make with them.

E.g. one of my first app inventor apps was an app the can communicate with an esp32. Then I built a led christmas tree with a bunch of programmed patterns. Then using the app I could set the pattern to display, colours and speed and stuff just over WiFi.

Very useful and fun things to play around with!

Oh ok, so basically they work like processors in an mobile phone. thanks for the info.

Just one last thing: Can you tell the model number of the bobard you used and the app you made (if you want [can also be in PM}) so that I know how they work? Also do we need any specific programming language to be coded in the Arduino IDE for the processors to work or they can just work directly from the data we send through app. I was just reading the Wikipedia of ESP32 and saw a block diagram. That cleared my concepts a bit too.

Also this video helped:

Sorry I didn't see the reply notification.

I just used a ESP32 board from amazon.
To code with Arduino it's basically C code with a few differences.

I don't want to send the app as like I said it was the first one I made so there are better ways to do it.

E.g. look at MQTT : ESP32. MQTT. Broker. Publish. Subscribe. ThingSpeak

Or you can do something like what was done in this video :

No Problem, I have read almost the whole documentation and watched a lot of Youtube Tutorials and I have also started a basic WIFi bot using NodeMCU ESP8266 (as ESP32 wasn't available in the local store).

Thanks for the link.

I also saw some youtube tutorials and now I know what these are, how to use them and how to control them using app.

I know C code but it was very boring to code a lot (especially when using LCDs). That's why I first make the basic code in this website --> TUNIOT and then edit the rest of code in the Arduino IDE.

Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

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