Questions before I start

Before I start I would like to ask if I can create an application with the following features.

  1. a question form with multiple choice answers (with drop down menu for selection)
  2. to some you can write the answer yourself
  3. there should be a field for signing on the screen
  4. show the coordinates in a field at the point where it was located
  5. at the beginning or at the end of filling out the form give a unique registration number that will not reappear when I start the application
  6. to take photos
  7. all the above to be recorded in various fields so that you can send them to an email and you can edit them in the excel

I have answers to some of your questions and some tutorials. Hopefully they help.
No. 1 -
No. 2 - You can use the TextBox and store the value
No. 3 - or
No. 4 -
No. 5 - STILL IN PROGRESS: Random number without repeat
No. 6 - You can use the Camera feature
No. 7 - and Is there a FREE Email Extension or Messaging that I can use?

Can you write that feature description with more detail? Your use of the word 'field' is confusing.

That would normally be output as a plain text CSV file for Excel to read - but are the photos to be included within the file too?

Thank you very much

at some point in the application example in a box to show the location coordinates.
When I send the data to the email, the coordinates should also be sent so that I can see them in the excel

The photos I took must somehow show in which recording correspond to. Unless it can be done otherwise
Is it possible at least the signature box along with the rest to be emailed and opened in excel ?

It is possible to export the data in an Excel-readable CSV format. The signature would be an image so that could not be included in the CSV file, unless Excel accepts B64 images.

I have edited the post that I made earlier. One of the links in still in progress, which mean it is still trying to be solved and the other one is a link to mit app inventor that might help.

Thanks for everything !
I will start it slowly and if any problem or question arises I will ask again

Sounds good! Good luck!

The following would be ideal:

  1. Fill in a text with the above answers.
  2. This request should be saved as pdf and sent by email
    The text is:

His name is ......... and he is ....... years old

From the form I have made above I have John and 35,
so it appears on the screen

His name is John and he is 35 years old

It can be done ?

Some questions..

But sent to whom, the user or administrator?

But appears on whose screen, the user or administrator?

Why do you want to convert it to PDF and then email it?
Why not email the text itself?

"But sent to whom, the user or administrator?"
The user in the administrative email

"But appears on whose screen, the user or administrator?"
In user screen

" Why do you want to convert it to PDF and then email it?
Why not email the text itself?"
I would like to send emails to you if you do

  1. As I wrote above, only the data of the answers to open them in the excel e.g. inport in csv format
  2. The text completed with the answers , I do not know in what form it can be sent and opened

Different eMail solutions for App Inventor


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

It does not work, any other solution?

You are still describing things like we are familiar with your project - but we are not. What sort of co-ordinates do you mean? Map Co-ordinates (Latitude/Longitude) from the Device Location Sensor?

I finally managed with the coordinates using from the Device Location Sensor.

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So next time, please word your questions a bit more carefully :sunglasses: