Is there a FREE Email Extension or Messaging that I can use?

Hi, everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Does anyone have or know about a free email or messaging extension that I can use? Please help me out. Thanks!


Different eMail solutions for App Inventor
You could have found this link yourself after doing a search in the community...


I did and I found your reply to someone else, but the only one that isn't paid and is actually an extension(GMailUtils extension), isn't working.

it looks like you have overseen these 2 extensions

EDIT: and for a non extension solution, what about Trigger IFTTT to send an email using App Inventor without user interaction


I can't use Kodular and I don't really understand the StmpCLient Extension. Could you please explain it a bit?

Extensions which have been published in Kodular also generally work in MIT App Inventor...
and if you have questions concerning the SmtpClient extension, then please read the documentation there and if you still have questions, then ask there in this thread


Ok, I will try using it and will let you know if it works! Thank you!

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