Questions about billing extensions

i paid money!
can i have it?

for private messages please use PM next time...

unfortunately I did not receive your payment... please send me an email together with your proof of payment and your Google account... see also the large green box on the bottom of this page App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps
Thank you



i think... i somehow corrupted my money?!?!??! now it says an error

it looks like I never received a payment from you... can you please send me your proof of payment!
also it might help to tell us, which error you get including a screenshot of your relevant blocks...
thank you


i loooked and looked for a screenshot, i found it, but it coruppted

Hi @brewmster_S,
I moved your contributions into a new thread... these should have been sent as PM anyway, because these are not helpful for others...

unfortunately your proof of payment still is missing... which payment method did you use? when was the payment made? did you get the extension? without that information I have to assume, that you just like to make some fun...

I'm glad to help in case of errors... but I will need more information...
please provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks including the error message you get
please read also how to ask a question... thank you...


great now it said i cant buy anything, Idk why
i think the acc glitched