Qr code scanner that scans custom qr code and generates text in a list

I’m trying to make a qr code scanner that when you scan your custom qr code it puts custom text into a pre created list, but the problem is I already have a variable that is assigned to creating a new list, as shown in my list creating code below.

And I’m not sure how to go about the whole qr code scanning except the bare basics of the
“When btn1 is clicked, do scan”
I most likely need the extension for the qrcode block.
Also what website would be best for making a custom qr code? Some are good, but they have all the good features behind a subscription paywall

Perhaps provide an example/description of what you mean by a "custom qrcode"

The native barcodeScanner should be able to scan most qrCodes....

By a custom qr code, I mean one I generated online that might have my logo on it or something and that when I scan the qr code that it would add text to my list component

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this?

Not sure what there is to resolve?



Custom QRCode



Wait is it that easy? I was making like blocks on blocks of code, if this works you are my saviour!

Do I need to have a label there? I just want to have the text added directly to the list, it it’s ok if not

The label is just there to show the result

So then if I just wanted the text item to add directly to the list, what would I use instead of the label text?

sorry but I don't understand what's your question.
You want to scan a qrcode and store the result to an list? or retrieve a item from list and generate a qrcode?

Yes, I want to scan a qr code and then whatever text data that is on the qr code goes into a list I made

then in afterscan event, add the result to your list. Open the List drawer, you will find the blocks you need.

Would this type of code work for getting the qr codes result (aka the text) and adding it as an item to the list?

Iooks good. You can try by yourself.
Two blocks same result.

Neither of my options worked, and I tried tweaking the code in little bits but to no avail. I can’t seem to just simply add a text item to a list from a qr code.
When I tried the method previously shown with the label, it did work and give the data result in text, but not when it’s an item being added to a list.

And I know that it’s nothing to do with the text colour or anything trivial like that, so I’m confused.

you mean you can show the result on a label, but can not add it to the list? how did you do that? show your blocks

Well the blocks below were TIMAI2’s design, and they got the result and then that result showed on the label, but the design flaw was that I would only be able to have 1 piece of text on the label at a time, and if I wanted to scan a different qr code it would erase the 1st text

So I tried both “get result from barcode scanner” and get result blocks on my code which I showed above, so I don’t get why it won’t get the result and just add the text item to the list.
Is it to do with the way my list and add/remove/clear all buttons are programmed?

you did not follow my suggestion.

try block like this:

In the blocks, would I need to have a label 1 block there?

label is just for debug, it will show you if the result is saved or not.
You can choose a label or listview to show the list data.