QR Code scanner not working

Thank you for providing this app making facility that helps us to make app easily.

I have create an app name "NagelAahi" with website url and website is "https://www.nagalaahipaint.com/".
in this app all the function and pages are working properly but there is an issue "QR Code Scanning".
"https://www.nagalaahipaint.com/Franchise/FranchiseScanner.aspx" this is the website page in this page user scan QR Code but QR Code scanner not working it needs permission of camera.

please fix the Issue.

Thank you.

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Have you searched in the community?

yes but not getting proper answer.

I don't believe.
What keywords did you search?

"QR Code scanner not working"

some other post displaying.

Please share your Blocks. It is impossible to provide advice without knowing what you coded.

Please explain what is displaying and what should be displaying.

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But the problem is that webviewer is not asking for camera permission.
Am I right? If so then you should search 'webviewer camera permission'.

you are right.

can you help me to customize my app for asking permission for camera and scanner ?

Hello SteveJG,

I am new in MIT app Inventor and i just created an app using website url.
i dont know about blocks and other features.
Please help me to create this.

thank you.

Webviewer can't access camera.

I show your post for custom WebViewer.
can i use this for taking permission?

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Yes, you can.

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how ?
please guide me.

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Try to do something like this :


Hello Salman_Dev,

thank you for replying,
please guide me how to use blocks and there is no CustomWebView option i found in MIT Inventor 2.

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Maybe you can improve your chance of getting solutions by learning how to correctly search your query in the community.
For example:

there is no CustomWebView option Found . how can i use

First you have download the extension here :

CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

Second, learn how to add extensions in MIT AI2 :

App Inventor Extensions

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I have done according to you even getting issue
i attached some pics what i have done and when i install app then blank screen seen

why, there is a list view and camera components?

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