Puzzle of word help

I want create a app of word's puzzle ,
As a screenshot,
When I open the screen arrives i buttons with a letters(from a file CSV)..
I want create a line of word and see in a label ...
If a create a canvas I don't create a button
Do you have another solution?

this can be achieved with Canvas.
below is a prototype:

one issue: the background is becoming more and more blur.


Another question..
In each level is a image,can I have 300 image for one app?

If a button is a label that I have the line drawing?

why you need 300 images? the background image is generated by code and can be reused for all levels.

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now your work is to generate the letters matrix, and judge if the letters you marked is a valid word.

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how to fix to this issue:
use @TIMAI2's extension

like this:

I disagree with this whole image approach.

This kind of app should rely entirely on lists and tables, along with row and column coordinates for the start and end points of the words in each puzzle.

The letters can be printed dynamically at run time, AFTER the solved bars have been drawn (if you can't get semitransparent line ink).

The letters that have been touched in the current guess attempt can be erased and redrawn bigger or in an alternate color, to be reset and redrawn on Touch Up with or without the confirmation line based on word list lookup.

You don't even need any Sprites for this.

of course my is not the only solution. and it's not completed, a lot work left to OP, he need to get the letters from underlying list to check if it's a valid word.

All letters and high light bar can be redrawn every time canvas.touchup.
But that will bring more work to do, you need to store all drawing history for later use .

and no Image Sprite used.

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