Publishing to Google Play (After Aug2021) App Signing

If you are having trouble with app signing when you try to release an app in the google Play Console this may help you.
Before Aug 2021 it was possible to opt out of the Google App Signing and you could easily (sort of) upload an apk file from AI2 and be on your merry way.....However now I have discovered you are forced to have the Google app signing. I tried for a long time to find the opt out, I couldn't.

So with Google Signing enabled I uploaded the AAB bundle file. Google refused that, It was already signed!
I had to delete the keystore in AI2 (under the project tab) then have it build a fresh bundle.
Finally that uploaded okay and it is now in the review stage for roll out on the play store.

WARNING - I don't know the full implications of deleting the keystore in AI2 or how it might affect other apps that i have so proceed with caution if you think it may affect you badly.

Anyway I just wrote this because i wish i had known what to do earlier and could not find any info post aug 21.

I attempt to upload maybe twice a year and every time i visit the play console it changes. Exhausting!


Did you try this?

If your current app version has been uploaded to the Play Store (Developer Play Console) as an APK, you can still use APKs for updates.

See also here:


Hi, Yes I believe I tried that. I found those posts in my searches for the answer. I also abandoned my initial App creation (in play console) to start over from the beginning looking for the alternatives to Google App signing. I don't have an issue with the google signing I just need it to work one way or another.

As this was a brand new creation dec 21 I can only assume it is now impossible to publish with the old way (your own signed apk) and you must follow the method of google.

I still wonder what the damage is from deleting the keystore in AI2. no impact for me yet.

Thanks for your response and i hope this post is useful rather than leading people down the wrong path. What do you think?