APK signing with Google Play

I am trying to publish a new AI2 APP like I already did 8 others in the past; I got this:

“You imported a signed APK or Android App Bundle with a key that is also used to sign APKs given to users. Since you are registered with the Google Play app signing system, you must sign your APK or Android App Bundle with a new key before importing it.”

• I haven’t change my Google account
• I compiled the APP as usual
• I understand that the keystore is built-in and we do not control
• However in this APP, I have an API Key from Mapquest 
    and another API key from OpenWeatherMap
     + Taifun Settings for Screen Awakeness and Brightness.

Any of these could be the problem?

Thank You

The easiest way to get around these questions / problems is not to use "Google Play App Signing" as you apparently did before. Otherwise this question would have arisen long ago.

I have also used "Google Play App Signing" on some of my apps and have to be very careful every time I want to release these apps.

See also here:


Thank you Anke for your answer.

  1. I am trying to opt-out of signing like I did in the past. But this time I found myself opted -in without knowing.
  2. Anybody knows how to opt-out?
  3. In case I have to go with the signing, is the file "android.keystore" all they require?

I'm not sure you can opt-out once you've opted in. You could try contacting Google about that. Assuming the only way forward is going through with the App Signing, you will need to export your android.keystore from App Inventor (see Projects > Export Keystore) and then upload it to Google. Once you've done that, use the Delete Keystore menu item to remove your old keystore. The next time you build your app, App Inventor will generate a new keystore for signing. Upload the resulting APK to Google Play Store to deploy it. You'll also want to back up your new android.keystore because losing it will mean you can't (easily) update your apps in the future.

Thank you EW.
I sent a request to Google for opting out.
If they answer no, then I will follow your recommendation.
I hope that the process of just sending the android.keystore will do; because they might have issued already a key that I will have to cancel, otherwise I wouldn't know how to attach their key it to my .APK file.

I created a new app a few weeks ago that doesn't use Google App Signing. I didn't have any problems with that.

Maybe this link helps:


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Best Answer! Thank you Anke, I followed the instructions and I was able to opt-out of signing and my APP got finally published. Tks again!

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