Process SQL Result as a variable

I stuck in further processing of an sql result:
• SELECT (COUNT(Num)) FROM tableX delivers as responseContent [“COUNT(Num) 123”]
• I save this in a list variable “global result”
• These “123” means, that there are 123 rows in the “tableX”
• Now I tried to extract the number “123” from the result
• First I used the “parse”-procedure from Taifun with: string = global result, start = 11, end = 13 Error Message
• Second I used the “segment”-text-feature: text = global result, start = 11, length = 3
Error Message
• Third I used the “list” select method: list = global result, index ( I tried 0,1,2,3) Error Message

Sorry, I can't see any file upload button on my screen

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here ...
(sample video)


Taifun's parse procedure uses text delimiters, not character indices.
start = a blank (not empty!) text block
end = " in a text block

Double check that your blank text box is not empty

this is a one column csv table
just convert it into a list using the split block to split at \n, then use the select list item block to select the second item


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

globalAnzSaetze is numeric, the Segment-job and the Parse have in this constellation no error messages in this whenWeb2GotText-block. This block is ignored. But the obstacle is later, when I compare the Result with an input higher than the max amount of rows....


I thank you all very much for your assistance. I could separate the result string now. Again Pura Vida...

please provide a screenshot of the working solution
thank you


Hi, this is a choice of display shots and the major blocks:


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the relevant blocks of your solution are


The last 2 screenshots above show the working solution with accepted input (number of rows larger than the recipe number. If I put in 0 or a larger number for the recipe number, the system starts again with a virgin textbox for a recipe number... Producing screenshots on my smartphone is a hell of job...(100 trials for one shot)

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