Problems downloading and then using emulator in windows 10

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Hi! I´m trying to download the emulator for Windows 10 from the page and I clicked and it doesn´t work at all. I had this trouble for a week now.
Looking around in the community I found the discussion above and doing that let me download the Emulator 2.3.0. When I run it, the message I get is that it can not find a version of an emulator installed, then that the aIStarter doesn't seem to be working. Once I get it to open,the emulator screen is from a very old cellphone. Later, it says that it is an old version of the emulator and that I have to download an actualization. If I press download the new version, something go wrong and I can´t get it work, if I press continue, it doesn't load my app.

What can I do to solve this? My problem is that I don´t know exactly where the problem is...
Any ideas?

Thank you!

You may want to try using the newer beta version of the emulator, as linked from this post:

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Thank you for your answer. But I have the same problem, when I click the link to download the emulator it opens a window for a few seconds, and doesn't do anything.

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